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Graduate Entry Dentistry


Congratulations on getting into the GED program at UCC. We are the first generation of the GED program and we hope that this survival guide will help you out during your first year here at Cork and UCC, don’t hesitate to ask us any question u might have.

First semester:

You better start packing now because the first semester is all about travelling! You only have 4 modules for the first semester:

1. Fundemetals of Dentistry I

DS (BDSI) – You will have this course with the first years. Its an introduction to dentistry, which includes different topics such as: dental material, law, perio, ortho, etc.
Assessment: Continuous Assessment 300 marks (1 x 3 hour in class test)

2. Topographical Anatomy (BDSI)

You will have this course with the first years. This module has labs, and you won’t be examined on anything up until April! The more you go over the material the easier it gets.

The AN1006 course is examined by a continuous assessment in the form of an End of Module MCQ/SAQ examination (50 marks), a practical SPOT exam (10 marks) and an end-of year examination (140 marks) consisting of a number of MC questions and a combination of written short-answer questions.

3. Introduction to Clinical Dentistry

RD (BDSII) – You will have this course with the second years. Basically this module builds on your knowledge from DS.  Your shadowing in June falls into this module, however there are no marks for shadowing but its mandatory.

Total Marks 200: Continuous Assessment 150 marks ( Learning Log 50 marks; in-class test 50 marks; Oral 50 marks); Clinical Assessment 50 marks (Practical Assessment).

4. Neuroanatomy and Embryology for Dental students

(BDSII) – You will have this course with the second years. Easy and straight forward course. This module doesn’t carry on the whole year unlike the other 3 mentioned above.The AN2006 course is examined by an MCQ Examination at the end of each section of the course (one on Neuroanatomy and one on Embryology). These will consist of a number of statements (“best of 5” format) based on the entire course.

Second semester:

This is where you regret not studying during first semester! But don’t worry, you will have 3 weeks off in April to study for your exams in May.

1. Fundemetals of Dentistry II

DS (BDSI) – continuation of DS in first semester.

The DS1004 is examined Orally. All material covered in DS1004 is open to examination and questions may on occasion build on material covered in DS1003.

2. Dental morphology, histology and dental anatomy

AN2008, you will need the book for this course for the images. You can borrow it from the library or from one of the upper years.

The AN2008 course is examined by Formal Written Examination (1.5 hours duration; 50 marks to be taken in the Summer); Continuous Assessment (50 marks; 2 x practical examinations; oral histology 20 marks; tooth morphology 30 marks).

3. Foundations of Medicine: Mechanisms of Disease

FM2004, This course covers a lot of materials. Start studying ASAP!

Total Marks 200: Formal Written Examination 150 marks; Continuous Assessment 50 marks (MCQ/EMQ exam(s) 50 marks).

4. Physiology for dental students

PL2034, this course has another component to it, oral biology which has 2 lab sessions. The assessment is 10 or 20% based on oral biology portion the rest is in formal written examination from physiology material.

5.Principals of dental pharmacology

Total Marks 100: Formal Written Examination 70 marks; Continuous Assessment 30 marks (Practicals/assignments 10 marks, MCQ 20 marks.

* Topographical Anatomy and RD will be examined in April with the semester 2 subjects.

** Please be advised that the information about the course assessment might change.


Don’t run out and buy new books straight away. If you want to study from the textbooks there will be a few second hand book sales at the start of the year where you can get great bargains on books. You can always use the books at the library. There are 2 libraries that you can find the books at: Boole and Brookfield. You can sign out most of them for long or short term, and some only can be used at the libraries. You can find some of the books online, as well as some of the past years exams on library’s website.

Class Rep

During first week you’ll be asked for an academic rep and an entertainment rep. In my opinion sit back and watch how its done first year, you have 3 more years to nominate yourself and be involved. You need to know your way around Cork to be a good entertainment rep, and you need to memorize and remember everyone’s name, which for me was harder than getting into dental school!

Lab Coats

You will need to wear lab coats for Anatomy, RD and DS Labs. If you have one already, great – pack it! If not, the cheapest place to buy one is at Finn’s Corner, which is at the corner of Washington Street and Grand Parade 20 EUR.

Mardyke Gym

Amazing Facilities! Something for everyone, so do explore it, because a healthy body and a healthy mind go hand-in-hand. Some of the amazing facilities/services your tuition fees provide include: Standard gym equipment (cardio, free weights, machines), the pool, the sauna/relaxation spa/steam room (attached to the changing rooms), the rock wall and climbing lessons (yes, free!), personal training sessions (yes, free!), excellent classes like Spinning, Kettle Bells, and Total Tone.


Its sually around October, great chance to see your classmates dressed up in all their finery! Don’t forget to pack cocktail/evening dresses and Dinner Jackets/Kilts/Smoking Jackets/Tuxedos if you have them.


All 3 dental schools in Ireland meet up around February. Same idea as Dentball, every year the location rotates. Great chance to meet people in other dental schools.


Make sure you add our DentSoc as a friend on Facebook to ensure you are kept up to date with the great social events during the year.


You will be assigned a faculty mentor during second term. This will be a member of staff, most likely someone who will be teaching you at some point during your study. Your mentor is there for you to speak to if you are struggling with anything in life or concerned about school. This is the person you should contact first if you are having any problems.


There are printers on campus for student use at a reasonable cost. Top up your Student Card Smart Card account and use you student card on the card readers next to the printers.  All printers print only in Black and White.


Sorry to ruin the fun, but we figured that it’s worth a mention!

Some of our favorite study spots include:

Brookield library – You will have most of your class around here so it’s perfect to pop in on that break between classes. It has all of the textbooks you will ever need!

Boole Library on main Campus – It has longer opening hours for most of the year and still has a good smattering of textbooks – plus Starbucks and Costa are nextdoor, however you are not allowed to take your coffee in the library!

Cork University Hospital Study Room – The only 24/7 study spot for you night owls.


The weather in Ireland can never be predicted. When it looks like it is going to rain, it doesn’t, when it doesn’t it does! You can get 4 seasons in one day so always have an umbrella and light waterproof at the ready!

Xmas (date of break, booking flights)

The exact dates of your Christmas holiday will be finalized halfway between term 1. If you want to book a return flight make sure you can change the date or just hold-back booking your return flight until the school office gives further details of term dates. From the experience of numerous people, the morning after your last exam is not always the best time to fly! Just saying


Say yes to everything* Term 1 especially is the time for making new friends. Say yes to football when you should be studying, say yes to a trip in Ireland or some other country. 4 years may sound like a long time but it is going to fly by and the more you can pack into those years the happier you will be! *well not everything, your discretion is advised!

Thank you to Ashkan Javid for his helpful input!